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Transparent & Durable material


Stackable with Stability

Comes with plastic studs for securely stacking the boxes up without sliding or moving.

Magnet design

The switch of the shoe box door adopts a magnet design, which makes it more convenient and quick to use.

Grab-and-Go Ease

Shoe box adopts a larger size, which can accommodate sports shoes, high-top shoes, and other larger sizes.

Embrace the new fashion

Our shoe storage boxes have drop front doors so you can easily access your shoes even when units are stacked or on a high shelf. The clear front and sides allow you to see what's inside at a glance

Quick Assembly

01: Fasten the side panels to the main panel

02: Fasten the side panels to the main panel

03: Fasten the tail of the main panels to the side panel

04: Buckle the upper panel to the side panel

05: Finally install the transparent door

06: Put your favorite shoes in a box